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Where to get help if polyimide film gets problem during the use?
We are confident about polyimide film , yet we welcome reports from consumers or the third parties alerting the problems with the product, which helps us to be better in product development and business running. Contact our after-sales service, and we will solve the problem for you specifically with the help of our experienced technicians. Compliance is important to us. We endeavour to provide satisfying solutions for our customers. Your satisfaction is our success.

Beijing Kint Yongji Technology Co., Ltd, highly reputable in the China market, mainly focuses on the manufacturing of high quality ptfe thread seal tape in China. PTFE Tape series manufactured by Kint Yongjiinclude multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. The product features a stronger base. The metal material is used on the outside and glass is used to insulate the inside of the base to withstand impacts. Its roll length can be customized according to needs. People are not likely to see defects on this product, no matter they are the spots, untrimmed threads, or poor quality seaming. This product is contaminant-free, resulting in improved bubble resistance.

Kint Yongji will expand the market with the most reliable products with star standards. Ask!
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