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What is the proportion of material cost to total production cost for custom packing tape?
The proportion of the material cost to total production cost for custom packing tape means a trade-off for the final product. But as material costs are aligning slowly globally, one can get quite similar material costs no matter where they manufacture the product. The local cost of raw materials will give an overview of material costs. Taking it as a benchmark, one can get cheaper and more expensive materials for the products. Cheaper raw materials mean cheaper products, but it may lack durability or quality. More expensive materials will immediately increase manufacturing costs but provide longer-lasting and higher quality products.
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Since the establishment, Beijing Kint Yongji Technology Co., Ltd has built up a complete supply system of heat resistant tape. At present, we keep growing year by year. Kint Yongjiproduces a number of different product series, including masking tape. high temperature tape is of high tensile strength, and is not prone to deformation. In addition, it has excellent aging resistance to avoid cracking. Kint Yongji is actively investing in new technology research and development, world-class design capabilities, and superior manufacturing processes. This product effectively resists alkalis, acids, and solvents.
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