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What is the key technology for the production of PVC packaging tape? Look at you and you will know!

by:Kint      2020-01-18
PVC packaging tape is a new material made of PVC film. It has excellent electrical insulation, sealing, wear resistance, flame resistance, acid and alkali chemical corrosion resistance and other properties, and is widely used in packaging industry, construction industry, electronics industry, automobile and ship manufacturing industry, coal mining industry and so on. At present, the production speed of PVC packaging tape production line in China is generally 5 m/min- 25 m/min, and using a single coating method, the production efficiency, surface quality and economic benefits are limited. Due to the full consideration of the characteristics of PVC packaging tape, the advanced composite coating method combining the measurement of the surface adhesive comma scraper and the bottom adhesive anilox roller is proposed, and the advantages of the two coating methods are fully utilized, the influence of deflection deformation can be reduced or eliminated, and at the same time, the coating of comma scraper in scraping can be uniform, with consistent thickness and no stripes, thus obtaining good surface quality; The product quality is obtained by adopting a segmented drying system with a large temperature control range. After a large number of experimental studies, the coating process and the main operating parameters of the production line were optimized step by step. Guangzhou PVC packaging tape includes two coating methods of surface adhesive and primer. This time, the proposed composite coating method of surface adhesive comma scraper measurement and primer anilox roller is combined. Due to the high viscosity, high solid content and large coating amount of the surface adhesive, the surface adhesive is coated by comma scraper. The principle of comma coating is shown in Figure 1. The surface of the round roller is processed into a cutting edge along the busbar, which looks like a comma. Using the 'comma scraper' instead of the steel blade scraper can obtain a smooth coating and eliminate sticky marks at the same time. When the adhesive coating is working, the comma scraper is fixed and does not rotate. The edge of the scraper is facing the cutting point of the coating roller or lining roller, and the coating passing through is scraped to ensure uniform coating. Compared with the surface adhesive coating, the surface adhesive coating has small viscosity, low solid content and small coating amount, so the anilox roller coating method is adopted. The reticulate shape is shown in figure 2. The reticulate roller coating equipment mainly adopts reticulate coating roller for gluing coating, which has good coating uniformity and accurate coating amount. Since the temperature, evaporation rate and dispersion rate of moisture of the coated PVC packaging tape will change continuously during the drying process, the temperature of the drying system needs to be controlled in different zones, I . e. a unit drying system is adopted, in order to ensure that the physical structure of the coating will not be damaged when dried at this temperature. The temperature inside the drying box used in the production line of PVC packaging tape adopts Germany ARI iResearch three-way proportional temperature control valve to adjust the flow rate of steam to control the temperature. The control parameters can be flexibly adjusted according to different field working conditions, achieve system optimization; In addition, the temperature adjustment range of the drying box is 130 ℃, which is divided into seven temperature control areas. The bottom glue drying box adopts one group of temperature control and the face glue drying box adopts six groups of temperature control. After the coating film leaves the drying box, the PVC film is cooled by a 5m long cooling nozzle box, and the outlet is cooled by a cooling roller to reduce the temperature of the PVC film and perform surface coiling. After a large number of experimental studies, the coating process and the main operating parameters of the production line were optimized. The coating process flow is shown in figure 3. The process flow can be simplified as unwinding → Bottom glue processing → face glue processing → winding, in which the bottom glue is to improve its bonding performance, but also can improve the bonding strength between the facial adhesive and the base layer. The production line of PVC packaging tape manufacturers consists of automatic unwinding machine, unwinding cloth cutting rack, preheating heating roller group, embossing wheel barrel bottom glue coater, bottom glue drying box and rack, bottom glue cooling wheel cylinder group and comma scraper type face glue coater, cloth suction table, adhesive drying box and frame, adhesive cooling wheel cylinder group, EPC automatic deviation correction device, full-automatic electric control system, canvas and transmission system, cloth storage machine and surface coiler, etc. The nature of Guangzhou adhesive tape, innovative choice of different coating methods for composite coating; At the same time, considering the factors of temperature change in the drying process, segmented temperature control is adopted; After a large number of experimental studies, the process flow and operation parameters were optimized. PVC packaging tape production line has stable production operation, fast production speed and high coating precision.
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