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What is the difference between pipe tape and cloth tape?

by:Kint      2020-02-06
PVC pipe tape> the difference between PVC pipe tape and cloth tape is: 1. PVC pipe tape is generally raw material tape for sealing. Cloth tape is mostly used for heat shrink connection. The material is different, and there are also cloth-based tapes wrapped around the pipe. Generally speaking, PVC winding pipes will be better. 2, the main material of the cloth tape is the high composition of the cloth, easy to tear, also known as carpet tape, example red cloth tape is used to bond the red carpet for marriage; The types of pipe tapes are pvc, rubber, and transparent bopp tapes, and the uses are different. 3. From the appearance, the cloth-based tape is very easy to tear cloth as the base material, and a certain adhesive is coated on the inside to form the tape. The appearance looks fine and the color can be divided into many kinds. Different from ordinary adhesive tape, this generally refers to transparent sealing adhesive tape. This kind of adhesive tape mainly uses transparent film as the base material, and evenly coated propylene butyl ester glue is used as the adhesive in the initial measurement, which will eventually form adhesive tape. 4. From the purpose of understanding the main role of cloth tape is used in the exhibition to connect the role of carpets, outdoor pipes, packaging and other aspects of the role. The tape of ordinary tape is the function of sealing and packaging.
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