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What is the difference between good and bad pvc electrical insulation tape in use?

by:Kint      2020-02-22
What is the difference between good and bad pvc electrical insulation tape in use: in fact, the purpose of using pvc electrical insulation tape is not to stick the problem, but to stick firmly and not to separate. At present, most pvc electrical insulation tapes doped with impurities have been packed for a period of time (Between 2O and 1 hour) It will collapse and cannot be pasted again. The adhesive tape is especially obvious in low temperature environment and windy dry conditions. Once again, the inferior tape is easy to break, and the strength of the tape is very low, which is mainly related to the quality of the film. The tape paper tubes produced by regular enterprises all use paper tubes with higher density, and the cut surface is free of paper scraps. Moreover, the thickness of the tape paper tubes below 100 is 3mm, and the thickness of the tape paper tubes above 100 is 4- 5mm, while small enterprises use thick paper tubes to deceive consumption, usually with a thickness of 5- The thickness is 7mm, which is relatively large in appearance, but the glue thickness is obviously compared. Therefore, when choosing adhesive tape, we must see clearly the width and thickness of the adhesive tape. In addition, we should note that the adhesive tape is mixed with a large amount of impurities due to inferior adhesive tape, therefore, there is an imperceptible gap between the tapes when the strips are taken, so the same number of meters will be rolled larger, thus blinding consumption. The quality of the adhesive tape has certain influence in the use process. The adhesive tape with poor quality will fall off and cannot be pasted again after being used for a period of time, while the adhesive tape with good quality will not.
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