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What is the cause of tape aging?

by:Kint      2020-01-27
Tape is very popular and supported by consumers in our life, but do you know what causes our tape to age after use? The following PVC packaging tape '> PVC packaging tape manufacturers' small plaits will give you a general understanding of the reasons for this! 1. Oxygen, because the content of oxygen in the air accounts for 21%, and oxygen has the characteristic of accelerating the oxidation of substances, and its activity is very heavy, resulting in the rapid oxidation of the adhesive tape, thus causing the adhesive tape to become 'old '. However, we should not let the adhesive tape bubble when pasting the adhesive tape. Of course, this factor is inevitable for breathable adhesive tape. 2. Ultraviolet rays (Sunlight) Ultraviolet rays have high temperature characteristics and can quickly decompose viscous substances. The tape exposed to sunlight for a long time will be decomposed, causing the tape to age. This is a place to look at the use of adhesive tape. It can prevent objects from being exposed to the sun. 3. Plasticizer, its main function is to soften plastic, and most of the plastic products contain plasticizers. As time goes by, the proportion of plasticizers contained in the substance itself will increase, cause the aging of the tape, etc. If the above factors are affected for a long time, the adhesive tape will deteriorate, soften, solidify and lose its viscosity. 4. Metals, especially brass or rust, in daily life, any organic compound substance can react with metals, especially brass or rust, while the adhesive tape contains organic compounds, this leads to the aging of the tape. Many metals will be pasted with adhesive tape protective film, or some parts need to be used, which requires attention to the service life of the adhesive tape to avoid even more serious situations of parts falling off due to adhesive tape. 5, bleaching agent, its main component is calcium oxide, which contains calcium element and organic compounds to produce chemical reaction. This is generally rare.
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