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What does things and paper tape, electrical tape, PVC electrical tape

by:Kint      2020-04-19
Compared with general adhesive tape and tape, the surface instead of paper. Usually the viscosity is not strong, so the advantages is no residue after torn off. Now paper tape is widely produced there are all sorts of design and color, therefore widely used in the paste paper, decorate and beautify the utility. Taiwan and paper tape color: white, black, yellow, red, blue and heat-resistant: 110 degrees features: stand and Manila water, dimethyl stupid, as day! Prevent degumming, decoloring, etc. Purpose: using and paper as base material, soft paper, suitable for sports equipment, rubber, plastic parts and construction sites, indoor and outdoor decoration, decoration when spray, brush paint covered purposes. Viscosity is moderate, for the majority of the smooth surface there is very good, bending or the corner attached and shelter, sex good, quickly removed after use, leaving no residue. Good early viscous force, and has a good hold moisture, easy adhesion to various surface, low labor intensity, can put the cover film to cover paper firmly fixed in the position of need, avoid sliding, peeling, etc. Mbeki: crepe paper thickness, attached with a sex good, around the corner when the tape does not break. Signals. a force back anti-sticking processing: small and uniform, not excessive solution volume, easy on the special-purpose cutter used with masking paper. Guess infiltration fill back: material density, good solvent resistance and hands to tear, not easy to break, after use to remove tape can be whole. Outdoor waterproof caulking construction is lack of material in the middle, this product in blue and green supply market, the width to 15 mm, 18 mm as the base, length of 18 meters as general principles. Chrysanthemum water tape base material: 501 and paper base paper and heat-resistant: 75 ℃ x15 min main use: general paint, paint, check sealing, light box packaging, electronic products cleared, coating baffle, noble, turn insulation. The protection of glass joint waterproofing agent processing
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