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What can PVC electrical insulation tape be used?

by:Kint      2020-01-07
PVC electrical insulation tape> The combustion test of PVC electrical insulation tape is a flammability test specially designed for pressure sensitive/pressure sensitive adhesive tape. The test sample is to spiral the tape of the specified length around a steel bar with a diameter of 1/8 and attach a display flag to the top. The flame of the burner is at an angle of 20 degrees to the steel bar every five times (Fifteen seconds each time) After approaching the flame, the ignition time of the sample should not be longer than 60 seconds, or the damage degree of the display flag should not be more than one quarter. The burning test of electrical insulation tape is a 'pass/fail' height. Tapes approved or listed by UL and marked with 'flame retardant' have initially passed this test and passed UL follow-up service audit test. Insulating tape is relatively common in electrical work. Circuit work requires frequent contact with circuits. The use of insulating tape is to prevent construction personnel from getting an electric shock during construction, therefore, insulating tape is indispensable in electrical work. The wiring head in the circuit is the place where leakage is easy to occur in the circuit. The insulating tape generally wraps the circuit connector of the circuit wiring head, reducing the probability of contact between the joint part and the outside world plays a role in circuit protection. The insulating tape has the characteristics of fire prevention and flame retardant. The insulating tape is wound on the circuit joint, and the insulating tape will not melt when the circuit power-on joint heats up, thus playing a role in preventing leakage. When purchasing the insulating tape, you also need to see the instructions on the package. The voltage of each insulating tape is different. This point of attention must be known in advance before we use it.
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