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What are the tips for purchasing pvc packaging tape?

by:Kint      2020-01-15
Pvc packaging tape is based on BOPP bidirectionally stretched polypropylene film, which is heated and evenly coated with pressure sensitive adhesive emulsion to form 8μm---- 28μm adhesive layer is an indispensable product in the life of light industry enterprises, companies and individuals. The state does not have a perfect standard for the adhesive tape industry, there is only one industry standard 'QB/T 2422- 1998 seal the box with BOPP pressure sensitive adhesive tape. After The BOPP original film is subjected to high-voltage Corona treatment, the surface of one side is rough, and the glue is coated on it to form a mother roll, then cut into small rolls of different specifications by slitting machine, which is the adhesive tape we use everyday. Pressure sensitive adhesive emulsion, the main component is butyl ester. Next, let's share some tips for purchasing pvc packaging tape? 1. Sealing glue with insufficient length often appears on the market for measuring length, which can improve profits by cutting corners. So please remember that the qualified sealing glue is 100M (Meter)Long, Not 95M (Meter)Long, not 90M (Meter)Long. Look at the color, take the transparent sealing glue as an example. The whiter the appearance, the purer the texture, the less impurities, and the better the stickiness. Yellow tape to see if there are uneven white spots on the surface of the tape, hand pressure can not wipe out the impurities or traces of dry glue, such tape generally has a smell. 3 Measurement of tightness, conventional products on the market are generally thicker, because its winding is loose to create a thicker and more cost-effective illusion, it is not scientific to use a ruler to measure the thickness of this situation. The qualified sealing glue is very tight, reducing the possibility of overflowing glue, saving space, still full of rice, trustworthy! 4 measured strength, generally inferior sealing adhesive tape strength is poor, easy to break. However, the tensile rate of qualified sealing glue is 154%, which is of excellent level; The tensile strength is 35. 2mpa. Note: pvc packaging tape has strict requirements on packaging, and there are many uncertain factors in the transportation process. The following are the precautions for box tape packaging: 1. pvc packaging tape packaging is made of unmarked paper or plastic film cartridge packaging. 2, pvc packaging tape packaging box to use corrugated boxes. Cartons should have sufficient strength and rigidity to ensure that the adhesive tape will not be damaged during storage and transportation. 3. Packing with sealing glue during transportation must be reasonably packed according to the nature of the articles to protect the articles as much as possible. Special articles should be marked and marked.
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