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What are the three types of pvc electrical insulation tapes?

by:Kint      2020-01-09
When it comes to electrician's tools, aren't they Electric pens, electrician knives, wire cutters, needle-nosed pliers, and meters? What else can I have? Of course, there is also a kind of adhesive tape, which is also a necessary tool for electricians, called insulating tape. It has a wide range of uses and is suitable for insulation of various Resistance parts, such as wire joint winding, insulation damage repair, insulation protection of various motors and electronic parts such as transformers, motors, capacitors, voltage regulators, etc, it can also be used for binding, fixing, overlapping, repairing, sealing and protecting in industrial processes. Next, the small Editor of Guangzhou ruidetai Electrical Equipment Co. , Ltd. will give you a scientific popularization of which pvc electrical insulation tapes are divided into three types. Pvc electrical insulation tape is divided into three types: the first one is insulating black tape, which generally only has insulation function, but it is not flame retardant or waterproof, and has been gradually eliminated in the market, only in some civil buildings, there are still people using it. The second is pvc electrical flame retardant tape, which has three functions of insulation, flame retardant and waterproof, but because it is made of pvc material, its ductility is poor, still can't wrap the joint tightly, and the water resistance is not very ideal, but it has been widely used now. The third is high-pressure self-adhesive tape, which is generally used at higher voltage. It is precisely because of its good ductility that it is better than the second in waterproof, therefore, people also apply it in the field of low pressure, but because its strength is not as good as pvc electrical flame retardant adhesive tape, both of them usually need to be used together.
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