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What are the electrical tapes?

What are the electrical tapes?


Electrical tapes are generally divided into two types, one for general voltage and the other for high-voltage electrical tape.

Electrical tapes include: PVC tape, waterproof tape, self-taping tape (high-voltage tape), cable wrapping tape, heat shrinkable sleeve, insulating electrical tape, high-voltage tape, electrical insulating tape.

Adhesive tape for high-voltage electricity: high-voltage electrical tape, electrical tape, etc.

Electrical tape is electrical insulating adhesive tape, which refers to the tape used by electricians to prevent leakage and play an insulating role. It is made of soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film as the base material and coated with rubber-type pressure-sensitive adhesive. It has outstanding insulation, flame resistance, voltage resistance, cold resistance and other characteristics. It is suitable for the insulation of various resistance parts. Such as car wiring, wire coiling, insulation protection, etc.

Electrical tape specifically refers to the tape used by electricians to prevent leakage and provide insulation. It has outstanding insulation properties, flame retardant, high voltage resistance, high temperature resistance, strong shortening elasticity, easy to tear, easy to roll, high flame retardance, good weather resistance. In addition, the application of electrical tape is very extensive. It can be used for insulation of wire and cable joints below 70°C, acquaintance marking, sheath protection, harness binding, etc., and can also be used in industrial processes for binding, fixing, overlapping, repairing, sealing, protection.

The electrical tape is coiled in a semi-stacking method during application. In order to make the wrapping uniform and regular, sufficient tension should be applied. On the parallel connector, the tape should be wrapped around the end of the wire, and then folded back to leave a rubber pad to prevent chiseling. When winding the final layer, it cannot be stretched to prevent flag pulling.

The full name of electrical tape is PVC electrical insulation tape, also known as electrical insulation tape or insulation tape. Electrical tape is suitable for insulation of various resistance components.

There are three types of commonly used electrical tapes: one is insulating black tape; the other is insulating black tape. The second is PVC electrical insulation tape. The third is high-pressure self-adhesive tape.

The first kind, insulating black tape

It only has an insulating function, is not flame retardant, nor waterproof. It has gradually withdrawn from production and sales, and it is still only used in some civil building electrical.

The second kind, PVC electrical insulation tape

This tape is generally divided into ordinary type and flame retardant type. The ordinary type has insulation effect, while the flame retardant type has flame retardant safety performance in addition to good insulation. They all have a certain waterproof performance. But because they are all made of PVC, the ductility is poor, and the joint cannot be wrapped tightly. The waterproof performance varies greatly depending on the brand quality.

Now this tape has been widely used. The price difference of this variety market is also relatively large, the main difference is whether it is ordinary type or flame retardant type. In addition, whether it is "lead-free" environmental protection. In addition to the width, there is also the thickness. The difference between the thickness of 1.2, 1.5 and 1.8 is also relatively large. The difference in appearance and workmanship, whether the adhesive is sticky or not, and the brand difference. Make a good choice not to lose big.

Third, high-pressure self-adhesive tape

Generally used on higher voltage, this tape has good ductility, waterproof performance is worse than the second, but its strength is not as good as PVC electrical insulation tape.

These three are just commonly used electrical tape. In many special occasions there are professional special electrical tape.

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