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What are applications of custom tape rolls produced by Kint Yongji?
Custom tape produced by Beijing Kint Yongji Technology Co., Ltdhas a wide application ranges which benefit customer business a lot. It is featured by long-term service life and reliability. In the application industry, it can function well in various scenarios, bringing stable performance. There is some information about the application fields of the product on our official website. Also, there will be cases recorded in which the product plays a significant role. Customers can take them as a reference to consider to maximize the use of the product.

Over the years, Kint Yongji has earned a good reputation for providing high quality pvc pipe tape. We specialize in design and production. electrical tape series manufactured by Kint Yongjiinclude multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. Kint heat resistant tape is manufactured with a high-tech LCD screen which aims to achieve zero radiation. The screen is developed and treated specially to prevent scratch and wear. Its adhesive smoothness allows for ease of processing. Those who are sensitive to the quality of the fabrics can rest assure to wear this product. It will not irritate their tender or sensitive skin. This product has a strong tensile strength rating.

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