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Use common sense copper foil tape, electrical tape, PVC electrical tape

by:Kint      2020-03-14
Since the adhesive copper foil tape is on the surface of copper foil ( Single or double sided) Coated with heat-sensing acrylic adhesive or conductive adhesive. Copper foil sallowness tape is mainly used in computer monitor computer peripheral wire and transformer manufacturing central air conditioning pipe, smoke machine, refrigerator, water heater pipe joints, such as precision electronic products, computer equipment, wires, cables, etc. ; When high frequency transmission, separating electromagnetic interference, high temperature resistant to prevent spontaneous combustion. Use common sense 1 copper foil tape. When save the goods, please keep dry and indoor ventilation, domestic copper save time for 6 months, general importer can save longer to oxidation. 2. Test conditions for room temperature 25 ℃, relative humidity below 65 ℃ using ASTMD - the United States The results of detection by 1000. 3. Products are mainly used to eliminate electromagnetic interference EMI, isolation of electromagnetic wave, the harm of human body is mainly used in computer peripheral wire, computer monitors and transformer manufacturers. 4. Copper foil tape is divided into single-sided coating adhesive and double-sided adhesive. Single cladding of the copper foil tape is divided into single guide copper foil tape and double guide copper foil tape, single surface copper foil tape which glue is not conductive, only another side of copper conductive, so called single single-sided conductive namely; Double guide copper foil tape refers to the surface of conductive glue, and the other side also conductive copper itself, therefore calls the double guide the double-sided conductive. And copper foil double coated adhesive tape used to and other material processed into more expensive composite material, double-sided coated copper foil the adhesive surface also points, conductive and non-conductive two kinds. Customers can choose according to their demand for conductive. Double guide the difference between the copper foil tape and single copper foil tape, double side guide copper foil tape back conductive acrylic adhesive, double-sided have conductivity; Single side guide copper foil tape back not conductive acrylic adhesive, lamination surface have no electrical conductivity. Main can be identified from the following two aspects: 1, test: use the multimeter to measure. 2, appearance: double needle copper foil tape, glue back surface with fine particulate matter ( Metal particles, conductive role) , slightly uneven; No fine particulate matter, single conductivity copper foil lamination, smooth;
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