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To judge a good electrical insulation tape and tape become warped head problem

by:Kint      2020-04-21
PVC electrical insulating tape, electrical tape full name electrical insulating tape has three kinds: the first kind of insulating tape, the second electric flame retardant PVC tape, a third type of high pressure since the adhesive tape. Black tape as long as the insulation insulation function, but not flame retardant is not waterproof, now has been gradually filtering, as long as will use in some civil electrical appliances. Electric flame retardant PVC tape with excellent insulation, heat resistance, voltage, cold resistance and other properties, applicable to the wire, transformer, motors, capacitor, voltage regulator, etc. All kinds of motor, the insulation of the electronic parts. There are red, yellow, blue, white, green, black, bright color, etc. High pressure since the adhesive tape in general use on the level of high voltage, because of its good ductility, more astonishing than the second on the waterproof, so people also apply it in the field of low pressure, but because it is the strength of PVC electrical fire retardant tape, generally using the two kinds of cooperation. How to distinguish between electrical insulation tape quality? First: see appearance whether the tape after break, cutting burrs, the second: whether to smooth the tape glue quality tape when spread out to use if there are the glue, glue residue, third: ask smell now glue most has been to the evolution of environmental protection, the taste is very heavy or very blunt nose is the possibility of more 4 defective items: tape thickness is 1 gb. 5 the worst one. 1 why do electrical tape will become warped head? 1. When making electric components with duct tape wrapped handle, during the next working procedure to check after a few weeks later, in the long term deposit, tape will be become warped head phenomenon. 2. In electrical components in the process of heat treatment on leaching paint processing, tape will be directly affected by the solvent impregnating varnish or heat treatment, and become warped head occur. Electrical tape become warped head what's the harm? Directly affect the appearance of the product are glued, and use mild and function. Electrical tape thickness, hardness and adhesive force to reach the best combination, talents prevent become warped head. Some tape is now beginning to peel off, is really shocking, residual takes. The hot weather, a bit not careful, you simple electrical short circuit, safety accidents, and technical personnel has long been a layer upon layer the quality control, in accordance with the IEC electrotechnical commission and the United States UL - in the world 510 flame retardant industry standard to produce high quality products, products are exported to southeast Asia and Europe and the United States. Electrical tape become warped head test method: the tape samples with the method of half a lap around the metal bar 3 mm in diameter, at room temperature placed a week after the check to see if the tape. As in the general electrical components in the process of heat treatment, to deal with more than 20 minutes in the impregnating varnish. And dipping before 150 ℃ under 30 - heat treatment 60 minutes, and then check the tape's cock, promised error is less than 3 mm, to 0 1. 5 mm is the best.
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