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The use of electrical tape method is introduced

by:Kint      2020-04-07
Electrician tape method is adopted to introduce the use of electrical tape method to introduce 1 electrician tape method is adopted to introduce the use of 2 electrician tape method introduced 3 electrician tape method is adopted to introduce 4 electrician tape method is adopted to introduce five electrical tape means is used in the electrical circuit, because it has the characteristic of waterproof insulation, then in detail how to use it? Below is sold on the market of electrical tape, in general are complete sets of packaging, there was a layer of plastic wrapped outside; Whether it is a single purchase is complete, we all need to remove the outside a layer of plastic packaging can use, in the majority with black electrical tape before, but now has a colorful things; And lit tape used in the same way, directly find thrum off can stick stuff, but since it first for electrician, so at the end of the prior to use wire plastic skin with stripping pliers to remove; Will eventually wire between the copper wire connected together, and then use insulation tape coiling live can, but must be coiled complete, do not let the wire part of the show and use black insulation tape will not appear the above condition. It must have the strength, flexibility, can tightly wrapped in tapping for a long time, affected by time and temperature and dry type fixed, not falling, and flame retardant. Moreover, with black insulation tape wrapped up again after tape to moisture, rust. Insulating adhesive tape have drawbacks, however, it has good waterproof function but easy to break, so it should be wrapped in two layers of plastic tape as a protective layer, the insulation of the joint and the joint adhesive with each other is not sticky, function better. Institute of electrical tape using the method, used correctly, prevent leakage, harm reduction.
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