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The top ten brand electrical tape

by:Kint      2020-04-21
Electrical tape scale is widely used in our daily life, often needs to use the data it is adornment circuit, electrical tape can also be referred to as electrical insulation tape or insulating tape. Have good insulation effect, so, what are the brand electrical tape? How to distinguish good or bad? Below, richie for us to introduce ten famous brand electrical tape and skills of choose and buy, hope will be helpful to us. One, the top ten famous brand electrical tape 1, pausing, established in 1932, the origin of the United States, is a popular brand, 3 m is a diversified technology company, one of the top ten brand electrical tape. 2, TESA palisade TESA TESA tape skills company's products, is committed to seeking outstanding quality, global tape category leading enterprise, famous brand, TESA ( Gusu) Tape skills co. , LTD. 3, NITTO1918 year born, origin of Japan, the history is very long, the Japanese east electrician investment co. , LTD. , its products, it is one of the world's top 500, loved by consumers. 4, established YONGLE1985 year of yongle, hebei yongle adhesive tape co. , LTD. , its products, PVC adhesive tape of the largest suppliers, one of the company is the collection product yield and the sale is a body enterprise. 5, wing tai WINGTAI wing tai ( Zhongshan) Co. , LTD. , established in 1984, is a collection of development/production/sale is a body high skills, wing tai ( Zhongshan) Co. , LTD. ) Brand-name products in guangdong province. Establishment in June, wind WONDER1960 headquarters is located in the island of Taiwan, is chau brand adhesive products co. , LTD. One of the top ten brand electrical tape. Always focus on doing electrical tape, very professional brand of electrical tape. Second, how to distinguish the quality of electrical tape 1, see first observe whether surface is defective, have tape rewinding and submissive, cutting and azimuth presence of burrs, tape raw material is smooth. 2, smell now people have attached great importance to environmental protection question, it is very important, if the smell is very blunt nose, is likely to be defective with 3, tear tape when looking for back stick, no residue after if off, clarify is the real thing, if there is residual glue, clarify is defective tape. To see the quality of the glue, the poor quality of adhesive bandage after a period of time, loosen will see glue and PVC material separation, the whole looks sticky, very clean, and good quality of the tape will not appear the phenomenon.
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