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The selection of electrical tape

by:Kint      2020-03-26
The choice of electrical tape adhesive tape in the wholesale electrical tape, is used for wire wound and the insulation of the thread, involve the electric safety, so must choose carefully. From the outside, a roll of good electrical tape, and color should be uniform, the section should level off, without convex volumes, there is no glue overflowing, because if have glue overflow, prove this tape glue has been aging, using this tape winding thread, not too long before will himself to loosen, caused the leakage of serious consequences. Can pull tape, hand feel the stripping strength and adhesive tape pull open the viscous, general adhesive tape peel strength is moderate, too light is bad wires, heavy workers hard to open, and easy pull tape deformation. Else, on the surface of the glue viscosity is better some, but also not the glue the better, because in terms of the characteristics of rubber, rubber surface do rough proof glue do very bad, is very simple rotten glue to stick.
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