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The operation method of electrical insulation tape

by:Kint      2020-03-21
Electrical insulation tape operation method in the process of electricity, although people noticed that the power cord material cross-sectional area of intrusive have influence on the safety of the electric, but tend to be joint use insulation tape no attention. Power line installation is more and more complex, go under the wood floor, wall, diaphragm and wet ground or water. If the insulation tape used improperly, will attack the leakage, endanger personal safety. So we should correct use insulating tape, the power cord connection points '+' connection, '-', 'T' connection. Joint should be bound tightly, lubrication, no burr, otherwise, before the thread broken, should press gently with combination pliers, first round to the inlet pressure, then side, thread will break in disconnect joint. If the joint in a dry place, should be with black tape wrapped around 2 insulation layer, then wrap plastic tape 2 layer, then stretched around 200%, with insulation adhesive belt around 2 ~ 3 layers, finally put 2 layers of plastic adhesive tape. In 380 v voltage insulating tape is widely used in the following use of wire wound, joints, insulation, sealing and so on electrician operations. Production technology has a brush glue and glue method two kinds. Manufacturing process: the polyvinylchloride (PVC) as the backing material, then coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive manufacturing. Insulating tape, 绝缘胶带) Specifically to the electrical use to avoid leakage, insulation tape. Also called insulating tape, adhesive tape, composed of baseband and pressure-sensitive rubber. Baseband generally choose cotton cloth, synthetic fabric and plastic film, rubber made from rubber increase adhesion resin compound, good viscosity, excellent insulation performance. Insulating tape with excellent high voltage, fire and weather resistance and other characteristics, designed for connecting separated electrical wires for features, electrical insulation, heat insulation protection, etc. Electrical insulation tape commonly known as electrical tape ( Hereinafter referred to as the insulating tape) , it is used for electrical wiring insulation, such as a kind of special adhesive tape, bag yesterday in the electric circuit is always used in the adhesive type insulation adhesive tape, namely black insulating tape, the base tree ( Back) With any insulation materials of fabric. Follow the progress of science and technology and economic development, now has a variety of types of insulating tape, but common mainly has: PVC and polyolefin insulation tape.
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