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The introduction of environmental protection electrical tape

by:Kint      2020-04-09
Environmental protection electrical tape is introduced in recent years, the demand for products of environmental protection more and more requirements, so, we often say environmental protection electrical tape 'mean? In general, if do not have special clarify, accord with environmental protection electrical tape, the product is ROHS requirements for heavy metals, is the requirement that the product of the six goals of heavy metals ( Mercury, cadmium, lead, hexavalent chromium, PBB, PBDE) The total content of no more than 1000 PPM, which cannot exceed the amount of lead in 900 PPM. To achieve the requirements of environmental protection, for producing factories produce electrical tape is a big challenge, demand factory about the raw material supply chain and the production workshop equipment and the environment for severe and system control, this is not some non-standard small factory can do it.
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