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The disadvantage of electrical tape and test methods

by:Kint      2020-03-27
Electrical tape shortcomings and test methods on the domestic market at present electrical tape brand heavy and complicated, but the quality good and bad are intermingled, and electrical tape is so intertwined with electricity, the function and safety of the adhesive tape has a high requirement, some defective electrical tape often leads to serious results. Tape faults type nutshell, defect electrical tape in the use of common faults are: flame retardant Clinton; Aging drop; Apply during Clinton; Susceptible to corrosion; Lead poisoning; Glue serious; Easy to be wear; Sticky lack; Weathering Clinton; Tu core is serious and so on. The defect is defect problems often electrical tape, once picked out the disadvantages of electrical tape, often lead to can't estimate the result. So, choose appropriate electrical tape is vital, and should choose good product, it is necessary to have an understanding of the function parameters associated with electrical tape and simple test method. Testing method 1. Viscosity tests. Viscosity is characterized by tape adhesive in the glued object appearance, for electrical tape, sticky with viscosity of specification sheet metal as a general specification, test method of ASTM D - 1000. 2. Flame retardancy. Tape the flame retardancy of the tape block tape continue burning ability. UL510 specially used for electrical insulation tape function test, flame retardancy is one of the important test item. Test sample is to specify the length of the tape as overlapping spiral half round steel bar, 1/8 of an inch in diameter at the top to attach display. The flame of burning and the steel bar into 20 degrees Angle, in each of the five times ( Every 15 seconds) Close to the flames, the samples of single ignition time and shouldn't have gotten a total of 60 seconds, or display the degree of damage should not be more than a quarter. To pass or fail test UL510 burning test. UL approval or list the tape, and have a 'flame' logo is started after the test, and after I help UL follow up audit test. 3. Withstand voltage test. Withstand voltage test refers to all kinds of electrical equipment, insulation materials and structure of the withstand voltage test can proceed. Under the condition of without causing damage to insulation function, the insulation or the process of applying high voltage insulation structure called compression experiment. Withstand voltage test, in general, the primary intention is to check the insulation resistance to working voltage or over voltage, and then check the equipment insulation function of product safety standards is fit. The functional and electrical tape test than all three. Correctly understand and grasp the tape of the common faults and functional characterization, the correct selection and use of electrical tape has very important meaning.
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