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The difference between the electrical tape and PVC electrical tape

by:Kint      2020-04-06
Different composition of the difference between the electrical tape and PVC electrical tape, PVC electrical tape is pressure-sensitive adhesive evenly on the PVC film is made; High pressure since the adhesive tape is made of rubber, oil, calcium powder composition such as delay pressure; Black tape is made of cloth, asphalt composition such as calender. Different functions: electrical tape temperature resistant generally 80 degrees, high pressure resistance adhesive with high temperature can reach 150 degrees; Black tape is generally used in low temperature environment effect is different: PVC electrical tape used for below 70 ° C temperature environment, 600 kv and below the insulation of the wire and cable connector met bandaging, color separation, sheath maintenance, cable tie and etc. Also can be used in the industrial process of bundling, fixed, lap, repairing, sealing, and maintenance.
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