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The development trend of electrical tape

by:Kint      2020-03-29
The development trend of electrical tape packing/packaging industry 1 sealing colloidal particles ( Used for various metal or nonmetal between adhesive, suitable for all kinds of carton sealing, air filter, handicraft, its characteristic is colour and lustre is shallow, good liquidity, curing speed, high efficiency) Tetra pak straw packaging glue (2 Is mainly used for tetra pak straws, and sealing a cigarette filter, its characteristic is good thermal stability, curing speed, light color, no smell, in the production of straw will not have falls off phenomenon) 3 PP glue is mainly used for PET transparent box, PET film, adhesive non-woven products. Its characteristic is high adhesion, high transparency, environmental protection 4 PET glue. 5 large carton packaging hot melt adhesive ( Hot melt colloidal particles, suitable for large carton packaging, its characteristic is colour and lustre is shallow, good bonding performance, long open time, use glue quantity is little, suitable for bigger carton packaging) Second, shoes and hats/garment industry 1 thread gluing adhesive ( Applies to clothing, shoes and hats class strap with glue. Colour and lustre is light, strong bonding force) 2 hot melt powder ( It is mainly used for shirt) More than 3 USES pressure sensitive adhesive ( Suitable for coating label, shoe compound, glasses boxes, inner bonding, etc. Early characterized by glue, adhesive performance) Shoes with rubber (4 Is mainly used for sports shoes in the excessive penetration, the lining bag laminating sponge. Its characteristic is fast curing speed, high efficiency, good transparency, environmental protection) Three/health supplies, medical equipment industry 1 medical glue suitable for strong adhesive tape, non-woven products adhesives etc. Is characterized by good initial adhesion, strong cohesive force, skin without irritation to human body, good cohesion, no residue after degumming, suitable for strong adhesive tape, medical adhesive tape adhesive tape electrode, bandages, etc. ) 2 pads, diapers professional with glue. Four, bags/mattress furniture industry 1 bag plastic bags special hot melt adhesive is suitable for the bags cloth belt, composite, etc. Product environmental protection, without excitant odour, high efficiency) Glue (2 mattress Mainly used for non-woven products, bonding fixed health mattress, etc. Its characteristic is strong stickiness, good transparency, environmental protection, high efficiency) 。 Transparent furniture edge banding glue (3 Apply to the furniture package edge sealing side, such as edge banding on particieboard or density fiberboard. Its characteristic is without packing, low viscosity, good adhesive strength)
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