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The development situation of adhesive industry, electrical insulation tape, PVC electrical tape

by:Kint      2020-03-16
With the development of economy and the progress of science and technology, China has become the world's superpower adhesive industry processing production and consumption. Combined with years of experience in supporting. At an annual rate of 16% growth. Especially the adhesive tape, protective film and the adhesive is widely applied to electronics, communication, automobile, textile, metallurgy, packaging, construction, paper making, woodworking, aerospace, machinery manufacturing, medical industry, etc. , adhesive industry has become the most dynamic in the chemical industry in our country the important industry. Adhesive tape industry relies heavily on coal, steel, cement, textile, light industry, machinery, ports, mining, oil, automobile and other industrial development. Since the '11th five-year plan', China's national economy sustained, rapid development, led to the coal, steel, cement, automobile, agricultural machinery such as sustained, rapid growth. Coal, steel, cement production in China are the highest in the world, at the same time, the state shall adopt, the measures to expand domestic demand, is expected to continue to implement in a long time, will no doubt lead to building materials, automobile, agricultural machinery, light industry and other industry development. In addition, attaches great importance to the 'three rural' work will take place in a long time, all of this tape work for our country to develop a broad potential market for a long time. Automotive adhesive tape is one of the fastest growing varieties, the automobile industry rapid development has close ties with China. Automobile industry is the pillar industry of national economy in China, in 2009 China's auto production reached more than 1300, comfortably the world first place. 2010 only eight months before our country automobile production volume is more than 11 million vehicles, to an all-time high, as the world's automobile consumption power. According to the China machinery industry federation and China association of automobile manufacturers, automobile production in China will be more than 16 million vehicles in 2010 mark, in the next few years the car off sales growth will slow down, but will remain above 10%. China automobile industry through 50 years of development, basically established a relatively complete automobile industry production system, under the impetus of the reform and opening-up policy, under the strong domestic market incentives, obtained the rapid development of China's automobile and parts exports also presents the fast development situation, 2001 - In 2009 the average annual growth of almost 50% in 2009, auto products export has amounted to more than $300. Automotive products international comparative advantage still exists in our country, the international market demand potential is tremendous. Coal industry output value of the amount of flame retardant conveyor belt, V belt, according to the annual forecast to double-digit growth. The oil industry is one of the important industry of national economy, steady development, at around 7% annual growth rate of oil, especially start offshore drilling, the demand for tape will be bigger and bigger. As the speed of China's basic construction to speed up, increasing engineering machinery. Every year China engineering machinery, such as loader, road roller, grader, excavator, output growth around 10%, all kinds of main engineering machinery demand in more than ten units. In recent years is expected to need a lot of engineering machinery, this will bring great opportunities for engineering machinery supporting with duct tape. The improvement of China's agricultural mechanization, agricultural machinery production increased year by year, agricultural machinery with duct tape and a large market.
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