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The characteristics of mara tape, electrical insulation tape, PVC electrical tape Jin Hong packaging materials

by:Kint      2020-04-10
Often involves the maintenance of personnel for mara tape must not very strange, this tape and other we use tape actually are different, otherwise there is no need to produce this product. Exactly on the main features of this product is what, we targeted well understanding of the actual problems, so you can ensure that your better use mara tape in the future. Mara tape together with resistance to high temperature, high pressure resistance, good insulation performance and flame retardant, used for transformer, motor insulation bandaging of capacitor and other kinds of electrical, electronic components and the motherboard of switch power supply circuit and high voltage isolation between shell line edition ( PCB) High temperature insulating paint leaching, which would fingers tore except leaves no remnants. First of all, mara tape has very good waterproof. This tape is plastic similar products. When we use the real can be waterproof, does not because when there is water in glue or other problems, the use of the characteristics of this aspect of our future there are great benefits. Many outdoor place, after all, there will be water, once did not have waterproof, we almost couldn't be better to use. Mara tape is widely used in transformers, motors, capacitors and other kinds of motors, electronic components of the insulation bandaging and switch power supply high voltage isolation between the main circuit and the shell. Also used for soft package of lithium battery pack, such as the binding between the protective plate and batteries, have the effect of fixed and fire insulation. Second, mara tape has good weatherability. Is what kind of futures under the environment, whether in we are all can use, but at this time there will be a very good use effect. This role for us is also very prominent. Impact of climate in different seasons for us is very large, only when we buy the tape has the very good weatherability, such ability can guarantee use effect.
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