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The characteristics and applications of the anti-slip tape, electrical tape, electrical insulation tape

by:Kint      2020-03-13
1. The anti-slip tape introduction is made of hard durable carbonization silicon particles. Such particles were implanted with high strength, crosslinking and the plastic film of climate change, it is known as one of the most hard material so far. Tape when using a pressure sensitive and strong adhesion, quick glue, can very well attached on the surface of many not easy adherent. 2. Anti-slip tape processing technology of antiskid tape used for double-sided adhesive coating process, when the double-sided adhesive tape from the coater is pulling out need to use the roller export, if no guide roller surface for special treatment, viscose and the roller will be adhesion and impact the production and quality of adhesive tape. Usually with low surface energy materials coated surface of the roller, prevent adhesions. This single anti-slip tape is specially designed for this application, one side coated with durability good adhesive can firmly stick on export roller surface, the other side for the special low surface energy rubber, can effectively prevent the adhesive for bonding effect. 3. Anti-slip tape details A, non-slip tape technical parameters using temperature: surface temperature for more than 50 ° F use surface compatibility: the lacquer wood, metal, sealing the processed concrete standard size: (length: 60 ', can cutting width: according to the 1 & quot; 2“ 3“ 4“ 6“ 12“; 18“; 24岁的“ 36“; 48“; B, non-slip tape product structure on the surface of sand: to select the black corundum ( Emery, fluorescent sand, alumina particles) , rubber non-slip fiber, no sand material, carborundum, glass sand, quartz sand and other special non-slip materials. Base material: PVC, PP, PET, etc. Glue: ready-to-use strong glue. The bottom paper: white, kraft paper, environmental protection silicone oil paper. C, non-slip tape application ( Both indoor and outdoor) ( 一) 宠物( The strongest and environmental protection) ; PVC ( Cheap but easy printing) ; Synthetic paper (PP, Environmental protection and convenient printing) Application: it is recommended that a flat or curved surface anti-skid paste; ( b) Prevent slippery with luminous and fluorescence: recommended for building, high-rise building stairs safe passage. Thickness of substrate materials and different, of course, the strength of the product and abrasion resistance. 4. Anti-slip tape applications (1) place: kindergarten, school, swimming pool, nursing homes, railway stations, subway train station, wharf, hotels, clubs, kitchen, bathroom, sports, fitness room, elevator entrance, pedestrian ramp, freight yard, workspace and the deck and other places; (2) can also be used for recreation tour buses, ships, trailer, truck, aircraft, stairs, large or small power devices; (3) equipment: skateboard, scooter, treadmills, exercise machine, lathe and press foot pedal, the bus channel, cascade.
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