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The analysis of the electrical tape manufacturer

by:Kint      2020-04-03
The analysis of electrical tape manufacturer, adhesive tape on the surface coated with a layer of adhesive, can make tape stuck items, one of the earliest adhesive from animals and plants, in the 19th century, rubber adhesive is the main ingredients; While modern widely used all kinds of polymer. There are many kinds of the kinds of adhesive tape and its adhesive on the surface of the also have a lot of kinds, so various brands of tape performance with different intensity, so at the time of purchase tape need to consider the following factors: need to paste the properties of microporous: due to the effect of paste of the tape, is in is the adhesive tape surface water infiltration after tape glue paste content in dry quickly and make the tape become a part of the paste content, so you want paste content on the surface of the pores are very important to the choice of adhesive tape, if machine microporous sex more cargo moisture absorption force is bigger, we must adopt the rapid condensation adhesive tape, use condensation slower tape or conversely containing a higher proportion of adhesive tape. Surface adhesive tape, adhesive tape with coated with adhesive in the bottom of a manufacturer home in, usually to fully dry after finishing rolls, if the glue is too wet, the tape itself will be very tight stick together, hard to open when using, it just won't work. The article content is derived from the network, there is wrong, please contact our adjustment
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