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Teach you how to identify and use PVC protective tape

by:Kint      2020-02-13
I believe everyone is no stranger to the protective film tape? So, there are all kinds of adhesive tapes on the market now. Do you know how to distinguish protective adhesive tapes? The following PVC protective film tape manufacturers teach you how to identify and use PVC protective film tape. Oil-glue composite type film, due to different uses, generally not called protective film (Also used for protection) It is mainly used for advertising production, such as computer engraving, etc. The role of the oil glue is that the characters and patterns that are engraved are not easily deformed, and it is suitable for long-term pasting. Such products include instant stickers, furniture stickers, signage stickers, etc. The protective film is a water-gel composite protective film, which is mainly used for carving artistic glass and surface protection of other articles. Water glue is Amin glue series. This kind of glue is non-toxic and harmless to human body. It is a green and environment-friendly glue that conforms to national regulations. The quality requirements of PVC protective film adhesive tape can be summarized into three points: 1. First, it is required not to degumming. After the glass processing is completed, when the protective film is removed, the surface of the processed glass product cannot leave any glue or trace to keep the product clean and beautiful. 2. With proper adhesion, the facial mask can not only be pasted and firmly pasted on the protected vitreous body, but also the protective film can be successfully removed after processing, it will not cause unnecessary trouble due to brittle and thin breakage and tearing. 3, strong toughness, refers to the mask can withstand spraying Emery up to 6 ~ The impact force of, otherwise it will break through the protective film and break through the processed object.
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