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Stick PVC pipe tape on wood, which can be used to install water source in case of emergency

by:Kint      2020-02-18
When the bucket needs to be used, the bucket is damaged and cannot be used to take water. What should I do at this time? In fact, you only need to use a little PVC pipe tape to stick it on the wood to make an emergency bucket. Come to the small Editor of Guangzhou ruidetai Electrical Equipment Co. , Ltd to see how it is done. First, stick several layers of PVC pipe tape around the wood. Then, the bottom of the wood is completely wrapped with PVC pipe tape. After pasting, cover another layer of adhesive tape. Then, take them out of the wood and stick several layers of adhesive tape on both sides as handles. Such an emergency bucket is ready. Later, put water into it and test it. It can be seen that after the bucket is filled with water, there is no serious water leakage, and it is easier to lift it. If you need to use a bucket urgently, find a cylinder and PVC pipe tape and try this method.
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