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Several materials of electrical insulation tape

by:Kint      2020-03-20
Several kinds of materials and electrical insulation tape using insulation above the black tape will not happen. It must have the strength, flexibility, can tightly wrapped in tapping for a long time, affected by time and temperature and dry type fixed, not falling, and flame retardant. Moreover, with black insulation tape wrapped up again after tape to moisture, rust. Insulating adhesive tape have drawbacks, however, it has good waterproof function but easy to break, so after all to be wrapped in two layers of plastic tape as a protective layer, the insulation of the joint and the joint adhesive with each other is not sticky, function better. Institute of electrical tape to use them, use correctly, prevent leakage, reduce damage 1, insulated black tape, the tape can only play the role of insulation, but not the effect of flame retardant, can not waterproof, so now the tape now use less and less, only a single civil electrical still use. 2, PVC electrical fire retardant adhesive tape, the tape can not only play the role of insulation, and can also play the role of flame retardant and waterproof. But it is the use of PVC material processed, so it is not very good ductility, in joint local cannot package is very tight, so some time water is still can go in, but this tape is now very much. 3, high-pressure adhesive tape, the tape is mostly used in some local voltage is higher, because this tape ductility is very good, and the waterproof talent is better than PVC tape, and now some smaller local voltage also useful this tape, but because of its strength is less than and PVC tape, so these two kinds of adhesive tape collaboration together often applied. The article content is derived from the network, there is wrong, please contact our adjustment
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