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Selected difference between electrical tape manufacturer introduce adhesive tape

by:Kint      2020-04-04
Electrical tape manufacturer to introduce tape choose difference so how to choose the stand or fall of tape? Actually, tape glue is good or not in use, there are two specifications, one is the initial moisture, one is the retention, is inversely proportional to both. Generally viscous force less than 10 fewer tape glue in accordance with the teaching, generally only about 20 microns, such as stationery adhesive tape, general promotion tied with the tape. Normal packing tape at the beginning of the viscous force in 15 Between 20, generally speaking, there are 22 - the tape glue thickness 28 micron. Is the thickness of compliance. But most of the tape on the market are mixed with the impurities, so the thickness increases, for concealing impurity, glue is mixed with the pigments, so lit tape will render the egg yellow, light green, this tape is defective. Often days in packing tape is not in any enterprise, company, personal days short of everyday items, but a related to the current domestic situation, although many manufacturers, the technology is good and bad are intermingled. And tape work on the technical content of the domestic is still in a low stage, countries also have no a clear selection. People often know very ignorant stage of adhesive tape, think the price is low, feel is good viscosity, actually these are all knowing and judging of fault. The difference between good or bad about how colored tape? About the color tape, generally is more yellow and yellow. Will be sticky pinched and then rapidly spread out, can be on one side of the glue to pull out, you can see the purity of the original film and bright degree. And I can see the thickness of the glue, assuming no glue is spread out or dot, and this glue is one has many impurities, glue no cohesion. Transpiration, 2 it is too much water, now at the beginning of this tape viscous force has dropped a lot, feel can tell. Tape quality distinction actually there are many kinds of methods, as long as more attention to in the day, will be able to distinguish the stand or fall of tape. The article content is derived from the network, there is wrong, please contact our adjustment
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