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PVC pipe tape, how much do you know?

by:Kint      2020-01-05
PVC pipe tape consists of two parts: PE base film and adhesive layer. The Base film is polyethylene membrane and the adhesive layer is butyl rubber, which has excellent aging resistance, sealing performance and insulation effect. According to its function, it can be divided into anticorrosive belts (Inner Belt), Protective belt (Take-out), Patch belt. It is mainly applied to the outer surface of buried steel pipelines such as water supply and drainage and gas transportation in gas, natural gas, oil fields, chemical industry, construction industry, mining industry, tap water industry, electric power industry, communication industry, ocean and urban construction. anti-corrosion. Compared with the products produced by the solvent coating method that has been used at home and abroad, it has the following characteristics: 1. The thickness of the adhesive layer is uniform and the adhesive sealing performance is good. 2. The bonding force between the base material and the adhesive layer is large, and there is no degumming phenomenon during storage or construction. 3, good heat aging resistance, strong UV resistance. 4. The tensile strength is high, the elongation at break is appropriate, and it is convenient for mechanization and manual winding. PVC pipe tape has been widely used as external anti-corrosion material on oil and gas steel pipelines for more than 40 years since 1960s. Due to its excellent anti-corrosion performance and convenient construction performance, make it occupy a certain position in the pipeline anticorrosion material system. PVC pipe tape also has a very interesting application in life, let's take a look at it! 1. Repair broken water bottles or punctured water bags. Pipe tape can be used for first aid when the ship is damaged. Before patching the tape, you need to dry the surface of the object, because most of the pipe tape does not stick on the wet surface. 2. Twist one or more long pipe tapes into a rope. 3, made into a spear, cut a 3 ~ 6 feet (1 ~ 2 m) Long branches, use adhesive tape to firmly fix the knife on the branches. Soon, you will have a spear for hunting, fishing or defense. 4. If you have duct tape to catch insects, you don't need flypaper. Tear a few strips of tape and hang them on the bed and dining area to catch those annoying bugs. 5, handcuffs, if someone is in the emergency life-saving period, you can use the pipe tape to tie his hand to the tree to prevent him from hurting himself or others. 6, make a hat, if heat stroke is possible, and there is only pipe tape around, then you can use tape to make a temporary hat to shade the sun. This is more fashionable than tin foil hats. 7. Fix the bandage, cover a sterile dressing on the wound, and fix it with pipe tape. I hope there is not much hair in the injured place. 8. Isolate the clothes and stick adhesive tape inside the rope and clothes, which can be waterproof and heat-insulating. 9. Reinforce the knots. If you are worried about the knots sliding, use the pipe tape to wrap them to keep them firm. You need to break the tape with a knife or scissors to untie the knot 10, make a bandage, and fold the duct tape horizontally (The width is half of the original width) After making it non-sticky, it can be used as a bandage to fix the injured arm. Guangzhou ruidetai Electrical Equipment Co. , Ltd. was established in 2006 and is the largest PVC tape production base in Guangzhou. The company's main products are PVC electrical tape, PVC electrical insulation tape, PVC cold-resistant electrical tape, PVC extremely sticky electrical tape, PVC flame retardant electrical tape, automotive wiring harness tape, warning tape, pipe tape, high pressure self-adhesive tape, waterproof tape, audio shoe material protective film, easy to tear (Knife-free)Tape, PVC protective tape, etc. The company adhering to' Resolutely improve user satisfaction and win the continuous trust of customers' Of management concept in production process in'Strong adhesion is the last word' For the technical concept, strict implementation of ISO9001 international quality standard system, high-quality products and services have won strong recognition and trust from customers.
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