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PVC packaging tape: what should be paid attention to when choosing tape products?

by:Kint      2020-01-14
First, smell. PVC packaging tape '> PVC packaging tape manufacturers remind you: qualified tape produced by regular manufacturers has no peculiar smell. If you find a sour smell when you buy the tape, you must not buy it. Because the retention force of this kind of adhesive tape is very poor, especially in low temperature environment, the adhesive tape is easy to crack and will soon lose its adhesive property, this kind of adhesive tape must be an inferior product. Second, look at the brightness of the film and touch the thickness of the film. Generally speaking, the color of inferior tape products will be much darker than that of qualified tape, and if touched by hand, the inferior tape will be harder, and because the film is thicker, the actual number of meters will definitely decrease. Good tape films are soft and have good tensile properties. Therefore, the brightness and thickness of the adhesive tape film are two very important indexes, which must be carefully observed. Third, look at the color of the tape. Under normal circumstances, the white color of the transparent tape, the less impurities in the tape, in order to ensure normal stickiness, the tape products below one hundred have a certain transparency to see the paper tube. The inferior tape is generally yellow, and the surface is also distributed with irregular white spots. If you press it with your hand, there will be impurities that cannot be wiped out or marks that are dry. There is no doubt that the manufacturing process of inferior adhesive tape is definitely very rough, so the color of the adhesive tape will definitely be yellow and there will be impurities on the surface.
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