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Pvc electrical tape manufacturers introduce the quality of single-sided tape and double-sided tape

by:Kint      2020-01-14
The glue on the base paper can be divided into single-sided tape and double-sided tape. Single-sided tape is only glued on one side of the base paper, such as single-sided coated paper; Double-sided tape is coated on both sides of the base paper, such as double-sided coated paper. No matter is dan mian jiao paper is still double side adhesive tape can be divided into single-layer glue (Primary glue)And double glue (Secondary glue) In fact, double-layer glue is mostly used to produce glue printing paper with higher quality requirements and larger glue quantity. Double-layer adhesive paper has better printability than single-layer adhesive paper, which is an effective method to improve the quality of adhesive tape. What are the classifications of pvc electrical tape machines? Glue operation is divided into internal type and external type according to the connection between glue machine and paper machine, and is divided into single-layer glue and double-layer glue according to the number of glue. In-machine glue is to install a glue machine on the paper machine to make paper and glue continue; External glue is independent of glue machine and paper machine. There are mainly three kinds of glue machines used for glue operation: roller glue machine, air knife glue machine and scraper glue machine. What are the characteristics of pvc electrical tape manufacturers roller glue? The roller type glue machine uses the rubber roller to apply the coating to the paper surface, and the glue in the machine is mainly based on this kind of glue machine. The amount of glue can be adjusted by measuring the pressure between rollers. The pressure is strengthened, and the passing amount of paint is reduced, so is the amount of glue. The advantage of roller double-sided adhesive tape machine is that it has simple structure and can carry out double-sided adhesive tape together. As an internal adhesive tape machine, it has a relatively suitable adhesive speed and is not easy to generate adhesive strip marks. The defect is that it is not easy to obtain the glue thickness of the air knife glue machine, nor can it obtain the smoothness and luster of the scraper glue machine. What are the characteristics of air knife glue? The air scraper glue machine uses the air erupted under pressure to regulate the amount of glue and smooth the glue layer, which is called Air knife glue for short. The strength of the air knife glue is that it can obtain a thicker amount of glue, the glue layer is relatively uniform, and it is not easy to break the paper during the glue, and it is especially suitable for the glue of the pressure sensitive coating. However, because the scraper of this kind of glue machine is an invisible air knife, to make the coating uniform and smooth, the coating is required to have corresponding concentration and cunning, and the defect is that high solid content glue cannot be carried out, moreover, the air knife is easy to be blocked by the dry coating part, resulting in coating marks. What are the characteristics of Guangzhou pvc electrical tape scraper glue? The principle of the scraper glue machine is basically the same as that of the air knife glue machine. The paint is applied to the paper surface to scrape the remaining paint, and the surface of the coating is smoothed together, the difference is that the scraper glue machine uses steel scraper glue and scrapes flat. The advantage of the scraper glue machine is that the glue surface is very flat and is not affected by the appearance of the base paper; The coating is not required to be soft and fluid, and high-solid glue and high-speed glue can be used. The defect is that when sundries are mixed with paint, they are easy to get stuck at the knife edge, leaving long streaks on the paper surface, and other scraper blades are easy to wear and must be replaced frequently; The coating is generally not too thick, and the thickness uniformity of the base paper is also strict.
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