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PVC duct tape wrapped on plastic foam, made into a weapon for medieval knights

by:Kint      2020-02-23
When we were young, we often used some branches as a sword to play a knight game. Now it looks like a scene of shame. However, if you use a branch as a sword, you may hurt someone if you are not careful, therefore, some people think of using foam and PVC pipe tape'> PVC pipe adhesive to make a sword that will not hurt people. First of all, the materials needed to be prepared: PVC pipe tape, plastic foam, utility knife, scissors, A4 paper and epoxy resin. In the second step, use adhesive tape to stick three sheets of A4 paper vertically into a beat, draw the shape of the sword on it and cut it off with scissors. The third step is to cut off the hand guard and the shape of the handle with the remaining A4 paper and put it on the plastic foam. In the fourth step, use a marker to draw a pattern of the template on the foam and cut it off, then cut a bamboo pole with appropriate length to be used as a support. In the fifth step, in order to make the foam not so easy to break, a barbed wire is placed on the inside to increase the strength, and the mold and the bamboo pole are bonded with epoxy resin. The sixth step, after the glue is dry, cut the shape of the blade with a utility knife. Step 7, start to stick PVC pipe tape on the surface of the mold. Behind, a piece of cloth is attached to the part of the handle, and a knight sword made of plastic foam and PVC pipe tape has been made.
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