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Prospects for Future masking paper

by:Kint      2020-02-12
2011 China adhesive tape yield 14. 8 billion square meters yield growth 8. 8%, sales 295. 0. 3 billion yuan, sales increased by 9. 4%. In the next few years, the domestic adhesive tape market is still very large, among which, general-purpose products ( Such as BOPP adhesive tape, PVC electrical adhesive tape) The annual growth rate is estimated to be 4% ~ 5%, the annual growth rate of a number of high-tech products such as special adhesive tape, high temperature resistant adhesive tape, high performance protective film tape and PET adhesive tape is expected to be 7% ~ 8%. The higher requirements of medical and health, electronic and electrical industries on the product characteristics and new functions of adhesive tapes will promote the in-depth development of the domestic adhesive tape industry. Gao Qilin, deputy general manager of R & D of Siwei Enterprise Co. , Ltd. , said that in the growing medical device and consumables industry, transparent dressing, ECG electrode, blood lipid, blood sugar and other test strips cannot be separated from the application of pressure sensitive adhesive tape. In 2010, the Global Wound Dressing Market was 115. $0. 3 billion, and by 2012, the market had reached 124. 0. 6 billion US dollars, an increase of nearly 8%, the company is very optimistic about the pressure-sensitive medical glue, belt and wound dressing industry prospects. Adhesive tape for electronics also plays a big role. Xia Jianjun, senior graphic engineer of TCL Multimedia global research and development center, told reporters that the adhesive materials used in TV sets include sponge, rubber, glass, etc, usually solid double-sided tape. In addition to the protective film on the TV, glass fiber adhesive tape, PCB barcode, and body film, the barcode label and advertising sticker of the outer packing box are also inseparable from the use of adhesive tape. Jia Feixiang Adhesive Products Co. , Ltd (0411-39911323) , The Northeast region really does not residue adhesive tape master roll manufacturer (Hot Melt Adhesive tape)! Mainly produces all kinds of tape master, semi-finished tape, foam tape master, masking tape master, cloth tape, paper-based tape. With dozens of patented formulas, it fills the gap in such products in China!
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