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Production process of PVC electrical insulation tape manufacturers

by:Kint      2020-01-08
PVC electrical insulation tape> the whole process of production by PVC electrical insulation tape manufacturers is: raw materials of plastic particles are added to the film blowing machine. Blow into a plastic film. The width is generally 1. About 3 M. According to the use of adhesive tape. Select different plastic particles and add some special additives. PVC electrical insulation tape manufacturers blow the film and then apply the film to the coating machine to apply glue. This process is mainly based on the viscosity and use of the tape to select the glue, after the coating is the tape. Only now is still wide 1. 3 M, hundreds of meters in length, plastic film with large rolls. Then the large roll of plastic film was rerolled into a small roll of film through the rewinding machine. This is based on the length of the tape we usually use. For example, roll into a small film of 20M or 30M in length. The rewinded small film is cut into the width required by the tape used by the slitter. Such as 1CM wide or other widths. The two processes of film blowing and coating are the two processes that affect the quality of insulation tape manufacturers. These two processes are semi-finished products, and the following rewinding. The impact of slitting is relatively small.
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