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Product characteristics of crepe tape, electrical insulation tape, PVC electrical tape Jin Hong packaging materials

by:Kint      2020-03-18
Crepe tape is a kind of high-tech decoration, painting paper ( Because of its special purpose of performance, also called separation with paper) , which are widely used in interior decoration, household appliances paint and high-end luxury car spraying. Its boundaries clear, bright color separation effect, and both arc art effect, for decoration, spraying industry has brought a new technological revolution, make the industry coruscate gives new vitality. At present, the base paper crepe paper production technology is still in the blank at home, domestic base paper used are all imported from the United States, Canada, Italy. Crepe tape product characteristics 1, smooth tape base material is smooth, does not cause the user 勄 skin feeling. 2, special type of adhesive, provides excellent solvent resistance, high temperature resistant performance, without any adhesive residue. 3, tape can be easily bent into curve protection for circular edge there won't be broken. 4, basic color will not fall off 5, crepe tapes are made by resin impregnated crepe paper as the backing material type adhesive tape. Used for sealing and packaging. Spray paint, coating and sand blast shelter. Electronic components and wire fixation. 6, docile sex tape can lie down on the high curvature surface, thickness is not enough to be retroactive. 7, moderate volume force not too heavy nor too light the solution volume force of easy to operate. 8, easy tear and convenience operation even when using scissors or knife still can use. 9, is not easy to break into pieces tape will not automatically divided into many pieces. 10, one moment of a contact namely sticky sticky tape. 11, retention sticky tape itself even under pressure can still provide adequate retention. 12, the solvent resistance crepe paper base material ability solvent penetration. Crepe tape classification features: single crepe tape strip fixed protection, solvent resistance, strong sex, stick relay is strong, not glue; Compound crepe tape does not fade, no delamination, stripping power, at the beginning of adhesion, cohesion, acid and alkali resistance, heat resistance up to 230 degrees to 260 degrees.
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