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Precautions for use of PVC electrical insulation tape?

by:Kint      2020-01-09
PVC electrical insulation tape is one of the commonly used electrical materials, which is mainly used for insulation protection of wire joints or insulation damage below 600 V. PVC electrical insulation tape has been widely used due to its advantages of low price, waterproof, flame retardant, color separation, etc. Now on PVC electrical insulation tape (Hereinafter referred to as 'tape ')The precautions for use are summarized as follows. (1) When in use, first of all, ensure that the hands of the operator, the adhesive tape itself, the parts to be protected and their vicinity are cleaned to prevent dust, moisture and the like from causing poor adhesion. (2) Sharp points such as burrs on the wrapping part should be handled in advance to prevent the tape from being punctured. (3) When wrapping, the distance between the winding point and the winding point should be at least 2 times larger than the width of the tape. The tape should be wrapped at an angle of about 55 ° with the wire. When wrapping, tighten the adhesive tape. One hand wraps the adhesive tape in front and controls the direction. The other hand presses the adhesive tape in the back to make the adhesive tape stick tightly to the wire. When wrapping, 1/2 of the bandwidth of the previous circle should be pressed in the next circle until the wrapping point is received. Generally, at least two layers need to be wrapped. The manufacturer of PVC pipe tape with outer wrapping layer suggests completely covering the inner wrapping layer, and the winding direction should be opposite to that of the inner wrapping layer. (4)Try to avoid live wrapping tape. When it is unavoidable, it should be supervised by a special person or take corresponding protective measures. (5) In order to identify the difference, choose to use the insulation tape with the same color as the wire insulation layer. (6)Tape should not be used beyond the shelf life. In cold weather, the adhesive tape is easy to harden and has a low quality. Necessary heating measures should be taken when using it. (7) The unqualified adhesive tape has low insulation strength, thin thickness and poor tolerance, so qualified products with guaranteed quality should be selected. (8) Tape is generally only suitable for insulation of lines below 600 V. When the insulation requirement is higher, products with higher withstand voltage level can be selected. (9) The tape should be kept well, and the storage environment should avoid dust, oil, moisture, etc. , so as not to affect the later use.
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