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Precautions for purchasing PVC electrical insulation tape:

by:Kint      2020-01-23
The small Editor of Guangzhou ruidetai Electrical Equipment Co. , Ltd. reminds you to purchase PVC electrical insulation tape> precautions for PVC electrical insulation tape: pay attention to the appearance of the tape. It mainly depends on whether there are burrs, the section should be flat, and there should be no glue overflow or glue penetration. Insulation performance is different. Although PVC electrical tapes have insulation characteristics, different manufacturing processes will lead to different insulation properties. For example, a lot of fillers are added to the PVC substrate, and the anti-whitening phenomenon will be obvious after the elongated use. At this time, its insulation performance has decreased a lot. We took the bull electrical insulation tape for a simple verification. After the force was doubled, there was no obvious whitening. It can be seen that the materials are still very solid. Lead-free use is reassuring. Lead in PVC products is a frequently mentioned problem. You can choose lead-free electrical insulation tape such as bull and 3 M, which is environmentally friendly and lead-free, and is safe to use.
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