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On the correct use of PVC electrical tape

by:Kint      2020-04-24
About the correct use of the technique of PVC electrical tape as a decoration in the circuit is most commonly used materials, PVC electrical tape in all kinds of circuit, circuit can have very good insulation, surround, bandaging, tied to the effect. According to dongguan manufacturer of PVC electrical tape products into adhesive related development personnel introduces, the circuit is the first effect of PVC electrical tape, insulation, tied to a fixed in the line maintenance effect, so the use of PVC electrical tape to highlight the characteristics of the maintenance effect of PVC electrical tape. Correct PVC electrical tape using the method is based on the detailed maintenance effect and the type of power line the streets to resolution, but overall, the correct use of PVC electrical tape measure and process should be as follows: 1, clear PVC electrical tape wrapped starting point of the PVC electrical tape wrapped clear starting point is very important, then the starting point of PVC electrical tape wrapped so pick owe good, not only can form the abuse use of PVC electrical tape, may also affect PVC electrical tape the end result. In general, PVC electrical tape wrapped starting point should be on the location of a copper wire or aluminium wire line 1 2 cm of the foreskin. 2, clear PVC electrical tape around the method different junctions have different methods of PVC electrical tape around the effect, according to the connection of lines, PVC electrical tape around method also has 'ten' word around the connection, the character 'one' surrounding the connection, 'ding' word around connection, etc. So, let's going on the PVC electrical tape around the former must pay attention to clear the corresponding method. 3, on the basis of PVC electrical tape around the method properly around the homework in clear PVC electrical tape wrapped after starting point and surrounding the method, the electrician to around work, must pay attention to during the process of around around around in accordance with the correct way. 'One' word line joints, for example, using PVC tape should be after ensure the PVC tape flat at the beginning, from one end of the wiring diagram with toward the other end around the bag yesterday, and as hard as possible to make PVC electrical tape rigidly around online. Ensure the PVC electrical tape used in effect after the period of validity will not appear loose, loose, and so on and so forth. 4, PVC electrical tape around the matters needing attention when PVC electrical tape around when no direct effect on the joint line, PVC electrical tape are generally cooperation of electrical insulation tape. Generally all around is first applied electrical insulation tape around online 2 - on his head 3 layers, and then is the use of PVC electrical tape for around 2 - again 3 layers, repeat around twice in order to be finished around homework. Together, in the process of the surrounding should be stick around, guarantee the phenomenon such as PVC electrical tape will not done, take off the membrane.
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