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On electrical insulation tape, you have to understand knowledge

by:Kint      2020-04-22
On electrical insulation tape, you have to understand knowledge mentioned electrical things, is it not test pencil, electric knife, wire cutter, long nose pliers, instrument these? Still can have what? And, of course, there is a tape is necessary things, electrician electrical tape. Its widespread use, suitable for all kinds of insulation resistance parts, such as wire connection, insulation damage repair, transformers, motors, capacitor, voltage regulator and other kinds of motors, electrical components of insulation protection, can also be used for industrial processes in the bundle, fixed, lap, repairing, sealing, maintenance. Such a good thing, as a senior electrician you - — Worth is. So, how to distinguish the tape is good or bad? First of all, to see the appearance of the tape is defective, cross section have burrs, surface is smooth, can not have glue or seep. Second, the viscosity is determined by the glue tape, can use the smell to distinguish the quality of the tape. Tape quality more bad of the taste will be blunt nose, on the other hand, the quality is good. Finally, you can stick adhesive tape on the wire, and then off, been glued by hand contact wires, if feel sticky surface of the wire, that tape quality time, good quality will not appear this kind of phenomenon. Is a great variety of insulating tape on the market, consumers themselves alone to pick is difficult to distinguish between good or bad. And used them to insulating tape is dealing with electricity, so we have to open your eyes, don't be sloppy. Company main products are PVC electrical tape, automotive wiring harness tape, protective film, warning tape, floor floor antiskid tape, OPP transparent sealing glue, double-sided tape, all kinds of crepe paper, our company is a design, development, production, sales in the integration of production-oriented enterprises. Jin Hong in 15 years, the company adhering to the customer demand as the center, to product quality first, the company after Jin Hong people constantly efforts, has been through the GB/TIS9001:2008 standard management system certification, service is supreme, create benefit by size, by the science and technology development, in order to integrity-based business philosophy, for customers to update, faster, more high quality products, we base on the sincere cooperation.
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