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Main features of PVC packaging tape

by:Kint      2020-01-17
PVC packaging tape> Main features of PVC packaging tape: high-quality and high-performance tape has good performance even in extremely harsh weather, applicable to the storage of goods in the warehouse, the shipment of containers, and the prevention of goods theft, illegal opening, etc. Supply up to 6 colors and different sizes of neutral and personalized sealing tape; Instantaneous adhesive force--The sealing tape is sticky and firm. Fixed capacity-- Even with a small amount of pressure, you can stick to the workpiece as you think. Easy to tear-- It is easy to tear off the tape without stretching and dragging the tape. Controlled expansion-- The sealing tape can be pulled off the tape in a controlled way, neither too loose nor too tight. Compliance-- The sealing tape can easily adapt to the rapidly changing curve shape. Thin-- The sealing tape will not leave thick edge deposits. Smoothness-- The sealing tape feels smooth and does not irritate the hand when pressed by hand. Anti-transfer--No adhesive will be left after the sealing tape is removed. Anti-solvent--The back material of the sealing tape prevents solvent penetration. Anti-cracking--The sealing tape will not have cracks. Anti-retraction-- The sealing tape can be extended along the curved surface without retraction. Anti-stripping-- The paint will cling to the back of the sealing tape.
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