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Kint electrical insulation tape supplier for electrical insulating application

Kint electrical insulation tape supplier for electrical insulating application

Kint electrical insulation tape supplier for electrical insulating application

Trade terms
Roll length
10, 20, 25 or 33m / yds
Roll width
12, 15, 19 or 25mm
Paper core diameter
32mm or 38mm
Black, White, Grey, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
Place of Origin
China (Mainland)
Black, White, Grey, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
Special size
Can be customized
Free sample
1 Ton PVC Film
Lead Time
30-35 days
Payment terms
T/T, L/C
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Enterprise Strength
  • By now, there are over staff members in our company, among which there are members in the design team, in the R&D center, and staff in the after-sales department. All of them are well-trained.
  • Kint Yongji can provide professional and practical services based on customer demand.
  • Kint Yongji focuses on the principle of "continuous improvement on product quality" and actively conducts R&D research before production.
  • For over years, we have been conducting the business of bopp tape so that we have gathered rich customer cases and can offer various design services to satisfy customers' needs.
  • We have been doing export business since our foundation and have partnered with customers from . Customers from these countries have been giving us great feedback.
Product Details
bopp tape's outstanding quality is shown in the details.We guarantee that all of our products can meet the with strict QC procedure strictly conducted.bopp tape, manufactured based on high-quality materials and advanced technology, has reasonable structure, excellent performance, stable quality, and long-lasting durability. It is a reliable product which is widely recognized in the market.
Company Advantages
1. During the designing stage of Kint pvc electrical insulation tape , the seal between the rotating and stationary members has been taken into more consideration because these parts are important to the overall effectiveness.
2. It is one of the most environmentally friendly packaging & printing product one will find. It is recyclable and the recycling process is energy efficient, so there is no worry about losing energy.
3. This product adds an elegant touch to people's outfit and immediately draw attention, making people stand out from the crowd and feel special.
4. The product is robust and flexible enough to handle various kinds of pressure and conditions associated with industrial applications.

Company Features
1. Specializing in R&D, manufacture, and supply of pvc electrical insulation tape , Beijing Kint Yongji Technology Co., Ltd is a rapidly developing enterprise with a high recognization.
2. Located in the Mainland, China, our factory is strategically near to the airport and ports. This couldn't be easier for our customers to visit our factory or for our products to be delivered.
3. Beijing Kint Yongji Technology Co., Ltd is confident that its electrical insulation tape will sure give you a leading edge. Inquire online! Kint is committed to offering the best service for customers. Inquire online! Delicated to improving the electrical tape , Kint has its ambition to be a popular brand in the market. Inquire online! We believe that a higher degree of customer satisfication needs the high quality pvc electrical tape and professional service. Inquire online!
Product Description
TYPICAL PROPERTIESThermal Stability ....................................356°F/180°C
Temperature Range ............................-65°F to +500°F (-50°C to +260°C)
Volume Resistivity.................................. 1013 ohm-cm min. (ASTM D257)
Self Adhesion ............................................2 p.p.i min. (ASTMD2148)
Hardness ........................................................50±10 Shore A (ASTM D2240)
Moisture Absorption ..........................0.9% (46 hrs. in H2O @ 70°F)
NOTE: The above properties are published as a guide only, and should not be
used for specifications without testing in your own laboratory.
PERFORMANCE ADVANTAGES• Resists moisture, oxygen, and ozone to assure continuous high insulation values.
• Conforms smoothly when wrapped around complex forms.
• Bonds to itself at room temperature within 24 hours.
• Remains non-tacky to the touch and does not adhere to other surfaces, or substrates.
• Insulates with single wrap, thereby reducing labor time and cost.
• Dampens vibration and resists heat and mechanical shock as well as corona.
• Inherently flame retardant and when burned forms a non-conductive ash. Meets the horizontal burn test criteria prescribed in FAR 25.853.
• SA & SB MOX-Tapes® provide a uniform thickness even around sharp edges. Fiberglass fabric, encapsulated inside the silicone rubber, prevents wicking and maintains high insulation resistance under high humidity conditions. These
controlled stretch tapes provide a uniform insulation barrier.
• All tapes are protected by a special interleaved liner.
• Protection of coils from vibration.
• Vibration fixture, anti-scratch, and clamping pads.
• Harness wrapping and wire bundling, including for high temperature applications.
• Applied to rollers for protection and traction.
• Plant maintenance.
• Superior, heavy duty repair tape for emergency insulating barrie
• Insulation of field armature and interpole coils in large motors.
• Insulation for splicing and terminating of wire and cable.
• Insulating and sealing electrical connections.
• Insulating coil leads and bus bar connections.
• Electromagnetic coil insulation.
• Motor connections.
• Overwrapping of deteriorated insulation in reclaimed motors.
• On-board aviation and space applications.
• Underground cable splices.
• Insulating heated transfer lines.
• Insulating in radioactive environments.
• Masking agent utilized in manufacturing processes and powder coatings.
• Insulating, protecting, and sealing rigging hardware and power systems in marine applications.
CERTIFICATIONSTapes are manufactured under ISO9001:2000 certification. Products can also be
certified to many of the following specifications upon request.

• MIL-I-46852C, Type I & Type II
• A-A-59163, Type I & Type II
• MIL-I-22444C
• Boeing DMS2186 Type 1 & Type 2
• Lockheed Martin MMS J517
• Lockheed Martin 5-00857
• General Electric A50A493
• General Electric A50E112
• General Dynamics P5384
• Rohr RMS315
• FAR 25.853
• UL listed



electrical insulation tape from Beijing Kint Yongji Technology Co., Ltd is more energy saving and environmental friendly. Good processability is one of the characteristics of our developed high performance polypropylene composite material
Kint pvc electrical tape is designed to be environmentally friendly and cost efficient. Our high performance polypropylene composite material features high impact strength
Our electrical tape products cater to different styles of dinning occasions. The high performance alloy composite material is mainly applied to auto parts such as air vents
The advanced technology is integrated into the whole production process of Kint pvc electrical insulation tape. The high performance polypropylene composite material is of excellent aging resistance
A large number of test samples were made for pvc electrical insulation tape. Kitech's composite materials for high-end home appliance have both outstanding appearance and molding performance
The product is hypoallergenic. All allergens caused by the glues, dyes, or chemical additives are all eliminated and the fabrics with fewer irritants are chosen. Our composite materials are well-designed, which ensure the automobile is safe and comfortable
This effective utensil helps prevent food from overburning or scorch. The steel materials are finely processed with a smooth surface which can prevent the scorch and avoid the food stick on it. The high performance polypropylene composite material can be widely used in exterior and interior trims in auto industry
The product is flexible enough. It allows for the transaction area to be positioned left or right for the convenience of viewing. Kitech's high performance polypropylene composite material is non-toxic and inodorous
The product is corrosion resistant. The metal materials used are able to withstand damage caused by oxidization or other chemical reactions. The high performance polypropylene composite material has the advantages like good dying force
The product delivers powerful brightness. Thanks to its innovative design, the new type of illuminating elements can emit stronger brightness under the same energy consumption. The long glass fiber reinforced material has an outstanding designability characteristic
Increasingly, retailers in grocery stores, specialty stores, and even hardware are relying on this product to create attention-drawing displays. High flowability makes our high performance polypropylene composite material more famous
This product can greatly help lower the amount of needed electricity, which greatly contributes to energy reduction and saving on expenditures. The high performance polypropylene composite material is of excellent aging resistance
Employing this product with the latest technology will allow manufacturers to complete work and projects with minimal quality defects. The long glass fiber reinforced material has an outstanding designability characteristic
This product is great and could be an indispensable piece of equipment for every conference room, lecture hall or a modern classroom. Kitech's long glass fiber reinforced material can reduce the material consumption of products
The product is an ideal solution for spaces that require a mobile layout that can adjust to changing conditions and needs. The long glass fiber reinforced material has the property of high mechanical strength
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