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Jie how not to drop the tape residue removal, electrical tape, electrical insulation tape

by:Kint      2020-04-14
How to remove the residue from the tape? Nerve-racking? Jin Hong small make up to sort out the following tips, hope to help friends. Prepare tools: 1, the most important thing is that a carefully. Do such a job is actually very simple, but most importantly, careful. 2, the blade. Ordinary pen knife, pay attention to generally don't need a knife. For special occasions may also need a razor blade. 3, hair dryer, as well as the most core of the method of a complete set of tools, but note that we use the hair dryer is heating, so be sure to can blow hot wind. Different material of tape residue removal method 1, the adhesive tape on the glossy paper packaging. Begins with a blade shaving, tore down slowly by hand. If too slow, can use hair dryer slightly heating. 2, stick to the very thin plastic film on the adhesive tape or stick. Heating is definitely not commonly, because will give blow to the deformation of the plastic film also. Method is very simple: by hand directly, do not slowly, must be fast, such as the label is bigger, can be divided into several times, suddenly, quickly tore down by hand. Deal with this situation, the environment temperature is lower, the better. After 3, there will be a part of colloid character of various anti-counterfeiting labels. Available blade over the edge, use hair dryer to heat, the whole label start slowly. Do be careful when handling this kind of label, and carelessly, there will be residual marks, did not succeed. (4), computer accessories, or cell phone dongdong very vulnerable tags. Can directly use the blade scrape down slowly, in some cases may need to be more thin blade, at this time, can use a razor blade. If label is larger, can use hair dryer auxiliary heating. 5, the paste paper adhesive tape on the package. Heating hair drier with a computer, can open to the weak windshield, begins with a blade shaving, focus on the heating tape on the back, be careful not to overly heated, it will blow the tape deformation. Slow off with the hand, the whole process must be careful. The sort of patterned adhesive tape, will remain more or less a little trace, be careful not to overly heated, otherwise, will remain more. A little secrets: the faster, the less residual, but also the more likely it is to tear the carton. Specific effect, which may be related to many ways, but most of the cases, with skilled, still can let a person satisfied, such as seal again, not carefully check, it is not easy to find.
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