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Is the tape quality a good inspection method?

by:Kint      2020-01-26
Tape can be used for sealing, sealing and binding of various commodities, but when purchasing products from tape manufacturers, the quality must be checked. To judge whether the adhesive tape is good or not, you can use the adhesive tape to quickly pull the object to see the retention force, repeatedly paste it several times and then touch it until the viscosity drops significantly, the adhesive tape with good quality will be more wear-resistant and sticky than the tape with poor quality. Then it is necessary to judge whether the surface of the gummed paper is smooth and wrinkle-free. Under normal circumstances, the newly produced adhesive tape can see bubbles. After one week, the bubbles will basically disperse, on the contrary, the sealing glue mixed with impurities has many white spots with irregular distribution, which cannot be separated by hand. In addition, it is also necessary to judge whether the toughness of the adhesive tape is good. The better the toughness, the smaller the possibility of brittle fracture. The high-quality adhesive tape has good toughness and can well protect the packaged products. Jia Feixiang Adhesive Products Co. , Ltd (0411-39911323) , The Northeast region really does not residue adhesive tape master roll manufacturer (Hot Melt Adhesive tape)! Mainly produces all kinds of tape master, semi-finished tape, foam tape master, masking tape master, cloth tape, paper-based tape. With dozens of patented formulas, it fills the gap in such products in China!
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