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Is Kint Yongjiheat proof tape spoken highly of?
Since establishment, Beijing Kint Yongji Technology Co., Ltdhas been focusing on the quality and performance of heat proof tape . It is made by high-technology equipment and processed by exquisite materials which makes it of finest quality in the industry. Until now, it is naturally this product enjoys high popularity among the customers at home and abroad.

Kint Yongji is evolving into a manufacturing pioneer in China. We are well-known for our abundant experience in the manufacturing of masking tape. electrical tape series manufactured by Kint Yongjiinclude multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. The product is safe enough. The insulating material used not only protect against damage caused by static electricity but also avoids leakage. This product has been widely sold in more than 60 countries. This product is very comfortable to wear, providing wearers a sense of skin-contacting softness which makes it especially suitable for people who are skin sensitive. This product is known for its cut-through and puncture resistance.

Kint is going to increase its international fluency in stretch film market. Call now!
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