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Introduction of polyethylene PVC pipe tape

by:Kint      2020-02-01
Polyethylene PVC pipe tape '> PVC pipe tape consists of PE base film and adhesive layer. The Base film is polyethylene membrane and the adhesive layer is butyl rubber, which has excellent aging resistance, sealing performance and insulation effect. According to its function, it can be divided into anticorrosive belts (Inner Belt), Protective belt (Take-out), Patch belt. It is mainly applied to the outer surface of buried steel pipelines such as water supply and drainage and gas transportation in gas, natural gas, oil fields, chemical industry, construction industry, mining industry, tap water industry, electric power industry, communication industry, ocean and urban construction. anti-corrosion. Compared with the products produced by the solvent coating method that has been used at home and abroad, it has the following characteristics: 1. The thickness of the adhesive layer is uniform and the adhesive sealing performance is good. 2. The bonding force between the base material and the adhesive layer is large, and there is no degumming phenomenon during storage or construction. 3, good heat aging resistance, strong UV resistance. 4. The tensile strength is high, the elongation at break is appropriate, and it is convenient for mechanization and manual winding. Polyethylene PVC pipe tape has been widely used as external anti-corrosion material on oil and gas steel pipelines for more than 40 years since 1960s. Due to its excellent anti-corrosion performance and convenient construction performance, make it occupy a certain position in the pipeline anticorrosion material system. Moreover, due to the continuous improvement and improvement of the varieties and quality of polyethylene anti-corrosion tape by polyethylene anti-corrosion tape manufacturers, the application field of polyethylene anti-corrosion tape has been continuously expanded.
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