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Introduces the application of three kinds of electrical insulation tape

by:Kint      2020-04-26
Introduces the application of three kinds of electrical insulation tape electrical insulating tape and PVC electrical insulating tape, recorded in poly (vinyl film coated with rubber made from acrylic adhesives, insulation, flame retardant, and other functions! On market now can buy generally divided into three kinds of electrical tape, electrical tape below factory for you to introduce: electrical insulating tape is divided into three types: the first is a black insulation tape, it generally only insulation function, but not flame retardant is not waterproof, now in the market has been gradually eliminated, only on some civil construction electrical with others. The second is electric flame retardant PVC tape, the tape it is waterproof insulation, flame retardant, and three kinds of functions, but because it is PVC material, so the poor ductility, still can't joint package is very tight, and water proofing property is not very ideal, but it has now been widely used. And the third is the high pressure from sticky tape, the tape general use on the level of high voltage, it is because of its good ductility, is more excellent than the second on the waterproof, so people also apply it in the field of low pressure, but because of its strength than PVC flame retardant tapes, usually need to cooperate to use both. The three belong to electrical insulating tape, each of which each are not identical, including insufficient also has its own advantages.
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