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Insulation Materials in insulation structure and reasons for PVC electrical insulation tape

by:Kint      2020-02-05
Insulation Materials in the insulation structure: Marking an electrical product as a certain heat resistance grade does not mean that each insulation material in the insulation structure of the product has the same temperature limit. The temperature limit of the insulation structure may not be directly related to the temperature limit of each insulation material. In the insulation structure, the temperature limit of the insulation material may be improved due to the protection of other constituent materials, it is also possible that the temperature limit of the insulation structure is lower than the temperature limit of each component material due to incompatibility between materials. Reason for using PVC electrical insulation tape> PVC electrical insulation tape: when selecting materials for insulation system, the reaction between various components in the system must be considered, especially in dangerous environments such as tides. For some equipment with copper wire, electrolytic corrosion of electricity will lead to transformer, motor or coil loss. In order to reduce the corrosion caused by pressure sensitive adhesive tape, it is necessary to ensure that the electrical purity of all parts of the adhesive tape is balanced. Therefore, electrical insulation tape is widely used in the electronic field.
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