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Identify the mistake packing tape quality, electrical tape, electrical insulation tape - Jin Hong packaging materials

by:Kint      2020-04-22
General packaging packing tape, BOPP two-way stretch polypropylene downstream products) Is any enterprise, company, individual life indispensable things, but how to choose, a lot of consumer understanding of adhesive tape is cheap, hot viscosity is better, in fact, this is wrong. Tape is on the basis of the original film BOPP after high voltage corona makes a rough surface cladding coating glue after after article points into small volume is our daily use of tape, so first depends on the strength of the adhesive tape BOPP film quality and thickness of the particles of raw materials manufacturing BOPP film brightness is good, strong flexibility, less impurity black spots, the film made by tape, enterprises are generally not adding toner for impurity covered, so transparent adhesive tape products are pure white color. Finished product placed 100 meters below the tape after a week or so transparency is very high. In the 28 micron - general membrane thickness 30 microns, but due to some doping the reworked material of BOPP film strength drops, so only with thick membrane thickness of this tape feels feel is very thick, but the strength is poor, short shelf life, placed about half a year will appear obvious aging condition, the surface will be brittle, use easy to break. Common packing tape glue is acrylic resin glue, also called pressure-sensitive adhesive, was mostly fat tincture. Tincture of fat is a kind of polymer material, temperature had certain influence on molecular activity. Glue the tincture of fat content directly affects the usage of duct tape, many individuals think feel sticky tape to glue, actually this is wrong. Tape glue is good or not in use, there are two standards, one is the initial moisture, one is the retention, is inversely proportional to both. Generally viscous force less than 10 at the beginning of the tape glue in accordance with the teaching of less, generally only about 20 microns, such as stationery adhesive tape, ordinary promotional bundled with the tape. Normal packing tape at the beginning of the viscous force in 15 Between 20, generally speaking, there are 22 - the tape glue thickness 28 micron. The thickness is standard. But most of the tape on the market at present is mixed with the impurities, so the thickness increase, the impurities to cover, the glue is mixed with the pigments, so transparent tape will appear the egg yellow, light green, this tape is generally inferior.
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